Things that are important to us

Things that are important to us

Company Relationship

After meeting with a client, a good headhunter should spend a lot of time getting to know the company; its expectations, its culture, its strategy and its goals, so that they are in the best possible position to present a professional and informed picture to any potential candidates. We do that!

We take an interest in the success of your company, we get to know the management and listen to the expectations and challenges of each individual department. We are interested in understanding your company growth strategy and take pleasure in being a part of that process. The more we know about you, the easier it is to get that perfect match time and time again.

We ensure you continue to receive personalised service by limiting the amount of assignments we undertake at any one time. In addition we regulate our intake of new clients to ensure our quality is never compromised.

Post Placement Service

We continue dealing with both client and candidate post placement. Bandura Headhunters will maintain dialogue with the client and the successful candidate.

Post-placement dialogue ensures that both the client and the appointee are satisfied with the arrangement. This ongoing contact can be very valuable in identifying any issues at an early stage and can help facilitate the candidate’s integration into their new organisation.

Client Confidentiality

Bandura Headhunters respect rigorous ethical procedures in approaching potential candidates. All conversations are processed in absolute discretion and confidentiality, without revealing the identity of our client, unless otherwise agreed

We like to see you succeed

We have seen the significant difference successful people have made to our clients business, by building a successful enthusiastic team. The stronger the calibre of people we place with you, the more effective the culture and the more attractive your business looks to future employees.

Getting the right people throughout your company will grow your business; and we love to see that happening to you.