Gift’s becoming more popular over Cash Christmas bonus

Gift’s becoming more popular over Cash Christmas bonus

It seems as though Management are giving presents instead of cash bonuses or pay rises to reward staff this Christmas.

Gifts range from holidays to electronic gadgets such as iPads as employers tailor rewards to individuals to show they are valued members of their workforce.

A non-financial reward now is believed to recognise higher achievement than a pay rise which is seen by employees as basic acknowledgement of good work.

International behavioural expert and business consultant Dr John Demartini said gifts tailored to individual interests had more meaning to the employee, which made them more motivated and productive.

He said those given at Christmas could motivate workers to start 2011 with enthusiasm.

Retail world Resourcing chief executive John Caldwell said a non-financial motivator helped staff feel that their company valued them. “(Gifts) play critical roles in making employees feel that their company … takes their well-being seriously and strives to create opportunities for career growth,” he said.