Customer service can move you from GOOD to GREAT!

Customer service can move you from GOOD to GREAT!

What Makes an Organization Great? Quite often it is as simple as being excellent at customer service. Let’s face it what business could exist without customers?
I really can’t think of any….so why in most instances is so little significance placed upon customer satisfaction?

While we are on that subject the saying “customer Satisfaction” just doesn’t really cut it does it? Is customer satisfaction good enough, is it good enough that the customer is JUST satisfied. Good organisations want raving customers, lifetime customers; people who will drive others to the organization for products or services.
In my eyes a satisfied customer is one that did not get the organizations best, but just got a pass mark….we want “high distinctions” to grow the business.

How do successful businesses move from good to great? I feel that they actually recognise that, without customers, there is no business. They actually understand that customer service should be ranked as a high priority in their given business,possibly the highest. Sounds simple, but many businesses will not put forth the effort; they consider good enough to be good enough. So their business always remains
just “good enough” not “exceptional”.

For one thing, successful organisations that have built a brand on loving their customers have a deep internal understanding that customer service is not a division
or group within an organization. It is the whole product or reason for the organizations existence. The customer is the reason for the organization. Therefore, for these organizations the whole organization needs to be totally focused on the customer.

To be great, customer service should be the defining and driving force within a business. It starts at the top and bonds the organization from top to bottom and side to side.

I don’t understand organizations that cannot see the value in becoming very good or even daring to be great. (We are not talking the biggest or the most customers;some organisations have reasons for being thee size they are) Why not be Best in Class and not an “also ran?”

I hate to give Company examples at the risk of treading on toes but…”Who has the best phone” is a relative concept based upon the newest technology which changes at least every year. What gets missed is that what sets these organizations apartis not their technology but their customer service. In that battleground, Apple wins. You can walk into an Apple store with a shattered phone and in twenty minutes
walk back out with either a totally fixed phone or a new one! That’s hard to beattoday in the highly competitive cell phone industry. If you haven’t noticed Apple
has raving customers.

Some organizations want to compete on price and fight for market share there. That’s understandable, but you are always under pressure to lower price and give more away to win that market share. There’s a few though that desire to compete at the top.These are the organizations that usually do well in good economic times and bad. Rather than fight over pennies, these companies choose to be defined by the quality
of their offers and how they deliver their customers the Best in Class.

How does your company rank with customer service…honestly are people raving about