Anzac day

Anzac day

The IMF announced this month that Australia is predicted to be the best performing economy in the world over the next two years. Australia has 8 times more adults earning over $100 000 than the worldwide average and last year the average middle aged adult had a net worth of over $350 000, making Australians per capita some of the wealthiest people in the world. Along with a strong economy we are fortunate to live in a beautiful nation surrounded by the whitest beaches, boasting a climate that promotes a healthy outdoor lifestyle and an enormous sense of freedom.

All the above would not be possible if it was not for The Australian soldiers that fought for this great country in many wars over many years, so on Wednesday 25th April (Anzac Day) when you are sitting in an ocean side cafe enjoying a Skinny latte with your loved ones on the public holiday, don’t forget to remember why we are so very fortunate to live in this great country and ensure we appreciate those that sacrificed their lives to make certain we live this way.

Take care.