Why use a headhunter

Regardless of the economic situation and the volume of individuals looking for work it is still very difficult to locate and attract employees within specialist disciplines using traditional recruitment methods.

Within each organisation there is a core of well qualified and happy individuals who are not actively looking to change positions and are therefore not reading job adverts or applying to recruitment agencies.

Headhunters differ from recruitment agencies in that they particularly target these key individuals who tend to be the higher achievers.

In today’s employment market organisations tend to look after their key employees, however, when approached directly by a professional headhunter, these individuals will listen to opportunities and will move if the role is attractive. Using headhunters is the only way for clients to access this potentially rich source of candidates.

The processes employed by Bandura Headhunters means we can offer our clients the very best candidates: not just those who are actively looking.

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