How we work

Sourcing the right individual for your business can on occasion be an extensive and onerous process, even for larger organisations. We are aware of the limitations surrounding advertising for appropriate candidates, particularly in strained markets. This in consideration Bandura has developed an alternative technique that allows us to simply identify, target and engage high caliber individuals whom will not act in response to advertisements.

We locate the elusive top performers that you currently seek out. They are not gazing through job ads; they have their head down, actively being successful.

We will locate you the best there is! Not the best of who’s looking.

Our Funnel Process:

The illustration above is a schematic diagram which briefly outlines the steps we undertake to systematically place the ideal individual for your business. The diagram takes us from our initial meeting where we discuss organisational culture and the position profile. Through to our post placement service where we continue dialogue with your company and the employee to ensure everything is functioning effectively.

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