What is your “Worth” to employers?

What is your “Worth” to employers?

There are certain employees who are worth their weight in gold, and there are others who should be shown the door. Which are you? The more cherished employee, of course, reflects a higher value to the employer. The latter of the two shows up for work, completes the job, and no more.

As a Headhunter and Career coach. I deal with the common question, How can I make more money“. The real question should be, How can I reflect value.” Becoming a valuable employee takes time, dedication, and a strong will to succeed … not to mention, a plan. Stepping up to plate will cause other employees to feel like you’re up to something. A valuable employee stands out from the pack, regardless of what co-workers feel about them. They have a goal in mind, and they don’t let outside influences hinder their plan.

Standing out from the pack requires a strong and obtainable plan. If seeking a higher salary is your initial plan, you must succeed and exceed your Managers expectations. Great ways to demonstrate this are to take on extra responsibilities in a way to get Managements attention. Cross over into other positions, departments and responsibilities, you automatically become a more valuable player. This added experience may at sometime become valuable and allow you to take on another role due to your knowledge. Knowledge and know how are worth extra income, an employee can more easily negotiate a higher salary once they have proven their worth to the company’s management. If it is a promotion you are seeking to a higher level position the same applies, but make it known you are looking to move forward within the organisation and would be open to new opportunities once they arise. Management can’t read your mind and a clear career growth path discussion is usually a very welcome one.

Some businesses don’t pay employees what they are worth and will continue to operate in this manner; they just don’t see the bigger picture. If you are ambitious and driven and making a considerable effort to go above and beyond your call of duty and your company has no career growth opportunities for you in the near future and always refuse to reward effort with salary increases, there are always companies willing to pay for experience and expertise. (If others are getting rewarded and you are not, that’s not the company that is you!) The trick is to become good at what you do, by demonstrated action (not talk about how good you could be in the right role with the right money) and this will ensure you are a hot commodity.