Give your co-workers a nudge

Give your co-workers a nudge

I trust everyone is extremely busy and we have almost forgotten what that acronym GFC even means anymore. It’s quite refreshing that most businesses have returned to normality and unemployment has returned to low levels once again.

If you ever wonder if your position at work is making a difference then spare a thought for poor George Turklebaum.  In a New York publishing company recently, an employee who had been with the company 30 years quietly passed away at his desk. That’s sad, but the real problem is no one noticed for 5 days. George passed away on Monday and it wasn’t until Saturday when an office cleaner asked why he was working on the weekend that his death was discovered. His manager Elliot Wachiaski said “George was the first guy into work each day and the last to leave, he was always absorbed in his work and kept to himself, so no-one found anything unusual about him being in that same position all that time”

The moral of this story is don’t work too hard, apparently no-one notices anyway.

Also…..You may want to give your co-workers a nudge occasionally.

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