Bandura the name

We often get asked the question where does the name Bandura come from? Our organisation is based around people, their behavior and their environments. One of the worlds leading psychologist’s is Albert Bandura who developed one of the most important concepts in this area named Reciprocal Determinism.

The theory notes a person’s behavior is both influenced by and is influencing a person’s personal factors and the environment. Albert Bandura accepts the possibility of an individual’s behavior being conditioned through the use of consequences. At the same time he recognises that a person’s behavior can impact the environment. The same is true of the relationship between personal factors such as cognitive skills or attitudes and behavior or the environment. Each can impact and be impacted by the other.

The following is an example of Bandura’s reciprocal determinism which is relevant to the workplace.

Bandura’s Model of Triadic Reciprocal Determinism

The employer can create a well-balanced organisational culture and environment for the employee. This in turn may change an employee’s behavior and perception about how they see work and interaction with their peers which may affect their personal factors such as cognitive skills. They will enjoy working with the organisation and in turn this will increase their enthusiasm for success and creates a culture of motivated employees and an environment that may result in many other positive factors such as staff retention and an organisation where people want to join and be a part of.

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